Lisa Lynch

Owner of Staging Ovation - Accredited Home Stager

Lisa's background as a real estate agent and her training in home staging, created a winning combination. Full time, extensive experience with preparing properties to sell, has made her one of Los Angeles' most successful home stagers.

Lisa and the team at Staging Ovation are well known for creating buyer friendly properties. They know the secrets of how to properly present a homeowners dramatic results.

Tune in to TLC’s Stager Invasion to see Lisa in action.
She and her team help properties look their best…using what they’ve got!



Debra Kelley

Staging Partner - Accredited Home Stager

Debra is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Merchandise and Design. Her business career began as a display designer. Her penchant for designing spaces has led her into home staging. Debra specializes in staging occupied homes -creating warm and inviting environments.