Vacant Home Staging

(we bring in all the furniture and décor to stage the property)

Benefits of staging a vacant property...

1. Staging softens imperfections.
In a vacant property, there isn’t much to look at – except what’s wrong. Staging helps draw the eye away from flaws.

2. People don't buy houses - they buy homes!
A vacant property can be cold, sterile and uninviting. There's no feeling! Builders have been staging model homes for years with great success. Why? Because staging creates strong visual and emotional appeal.

3. Staging "explains".
Between 80-90% of the population has difficulty visualizing the potential of a space.

Empty rooms create questions. Staging answers questions and visually "explains" how areas and rooms can be used. In addition, empty rooms often appear smaller than they are. Placing properly sized furniture in a room, gives buyers a frame of reference for scale and layout possibilities.


Full service home staging.

Includes staging design plan, movers and delivery, inventory from our warehouse of furniture, art, silk plants, lamps, bedding and accessories. Also includes de-staging time for packing and movers for removal and pick up.

Prices for vacant home staging vary based on square footage, floor plan, architectural style of home, price point and level of furnishings needed. Please schedule an appointment for us to see your property. After seeing your home, a written proposal is given for staging. There is no charge for this proposal.

There is a charge however, if you need project management services such as:

-paint color selection

-assistance with choosing materials or landscaping

-purchasing goods (light fixtures etc.)

-hands on work such as overseeing landscape installation.

Project management rates (2 hour minimum)

$75/hour-within San Fernando Valley

$95/hour-outside San Fernando Valley


- additional travel time added at half rate in some out of area properties

- additional $25/hour if an assistant is needed on any job