Occupied Home Staging

If you will be living in your home while it's for sale, staging will help you increase the impact of your home and market your property to a wider range of buyers.

1. Staging will de-personalize.
Buyers should notice your home - not your belongings. A d
e-cluttered, organized and simply decorated home generates the most interest from buyers. Staging gives you a competitive edge.

2. Staging will neutralize.
Most homes are decorated to reflect a specific style or taste...it's personalized.

As home stagers, one of our main objectives is to create a more neutral environment in your home. Why? Because a wider range of potential buyers will like your home. Staging is like un-decorating, where individual taste is toned down in favor of broad based appeal. It's decorating to sell.

3. Staging creates better appeal.

Whatever a buyer sees as un-appealing in your property, will begin the process of them ruling out your home - or making a lower offer.

The better something looks, the more value we naturally attach to it. Therefore, every aspect of how you present your home counts. Creating appeal goes beyond de-personalizing and neutralizing. Potential buyers don't want to see work - they want to see move in condition! Fresh paint, well maintained and sparkling clean.

Staging helps eliminate objections before they come up! More appeal = more money.

4. An objective eye.
We all know it's a challenge to be objective about the things we are closest to!

Sometimes it's hard to see flaws or anything wrong at all. Homeowners who can set aside their own ideas, and take themselves out of the equation - have a more sucessful selling experience. During the staging process we can assist by being an objective eye for you. We are there to help identify if there are any weak links that might prevent you from getting top dollar for your property.

A home stager is trained to see your property from a buyer's perspective!


Occupied home staging begins with a walk through consultation. This is a room by room evaluation with suggestions on how to improve the presentation of your home for showings and photos. It is recommended for the owner to take notes. This allows you to more easily implement needed changes before you list your home - thereby increasing the desirability of your property.

The process of occupied home staging uses the furniture and decor you already have as a base, then supplementing with purchases or rentals as needed - and according to your budget. The consultation gives you clear suggestions on how to edit your furniture placement, create proper focal areas and tips for de-personalization and organization. General purchasing recommendations are also given for ways to brighten and neutralize the space in order to broaden the appeal of your home.

Most homeowners are able to achieve a "ready for the market look" simply based on notes from the consultation. However, if extra assistance is needed for the project there may be an option to hire us to help.

Consultation base time is 1.5 hours.

Please note that larger homes or more complicated jobs may require additional time to evaluate. All additional time billed at $90/hour and is prorated based on how long consultation takes.

$220 and up (San Fernando Valley - price may vary depending on location of home)

$250 and up (Properties outside San Fernando Valley - price varies depending on location of home)


Schedule permitting, we may be available for hire to hire you implement changes discussed in consultation. Availability varies so we cannot guarantee this service - but rates are listed below.


Staging labor and project management rates:

For on site staging time, purchasing, on/off site consulting, obtaining estimates etc.

$90/hour - (My rate within San Fernando Valley) 2 hour minimum

$45 additional fee (and up based on location) - per work day working outside SanFernando Valley


There are cases when an additional stager and/or assistant is needed:

+$50 and up - for additional professional stager.

+Additional for assistant when needed


We can provide you with referrals:

Often times there are additional services that homeowners need. These may include: rental furniture, movers (re-arranging within home - especially large/fragile furniture) home cleaning, carpet cleaning or replacement, painting, handyman, landscaping etc.

These costs are not determined by us. We are happy to give you referrals so that you can obtain estimates after initial consultation.