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See for yourself the impact staging makes

If you are living in your home while trying to sell it - staging will significantly improve the response buyers will have to your property. 


Occupied home staging starts with a consultation. This is a room-by-room walk through of pre-sale recommendations, in which the homeowner takes notes.


We give you clear suggestions for:

  • furniture layout for proper flow for showings

  • items that can be moved out or re-arranged

  • creating proper focal points for photographs

  • tips on accessorizing and de-personalizing

  • curb appeal

  • suggestions for updates or paint changes

  • suggestions for purchases


Attractive marketing photographs and smoother showings help you maximize your profit. Our goal is to help you make the most with what you already have in the home. Next, is to identify what changes are most important based on your time, comfort level and budget.


You can do the work yourself – or hire us to help.

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