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consulting and design fees

Consulting & Design Fees

After an initial consultation, if we begin work on your project:

  • Rate is $100/hour for in person or off site (phone, email consulting)

  • 2 hour minimum per visit

  • Charge for travel depending on project location.

  • Charge for each additional stager or assistant that is needed.

The first visit to a property begins with a consultation.

Fee ranges between $220-$275 based on location within Los Angeles.

Consultation is up to 1.5 hours. If additional time needed, rate is $100/hour

Consultations available for:

•    Pre-sale walk through (Occupied Homes)

•    Paint colors for interior & exterior

•    Landscape design

•    Design & material selection for remodeling or new construction

•    Those who aren’t selling but want to make changes within their home

Vacant Homes

Vacant Homes

No charge to estimate staging a vacant home, simply set an appointment.

Please note - if you need design guidance for the home (ie. recommendations for paint colors, lighting, flooring, tile or materials recommendations, landscape etc.) please schedule a consultation. Pricing information above.

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